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Carbon Calculator

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Carbon Inventory

At Natural zero, we understand the critical importance of environmental sustainability. As part of our commitment to combating climate change, we offer comprehensive carbon calculator services aimed at empowering individuals, enterprises, and educational institutions to measure and mitigate their carbon footprint. Our platform provides users with valuable insights into their carbon emissions and offers practical strategies to reduce environmental impact.

We use different international standard to calculate the carbon inventory like ISO 14064-1, ISO 14064-2, ISO 14967, and ISO 14968. And till now we have already done more than 40 companies inventory in Taiwan. 

Importance of Carbon Inventory Services:

Awareness: Our carbon calculator raises awareness about individual and collective carbon emissions, fostering a greater understanding of personal and organizational impact on the environment.

Measurement: By accurately measuring carbon footprints, users gain insight into their environmental impact across various activities, including transportation, energy consumption, and waste generation.

Mitigation: Armed with data from our carbon calculator, users can implement targeted strategies to reduce carbon emissions, such as adopting renewable energy sources, optimizing transportation routes, and reducing energy consumption.

Accountability: Carbon calculator services promote accountability by encouraging individuals and organizations to take responsibility for their carbon emissions and work towards sustainable practices.

Impact Assessment: Users can track their progress over time, evaluating the effectiveness of their carbon reduction efforts and identifying areas for further improvement.

Account Categories:

Enterprise: Designed for businesses and organizations, the enterprise account offers comprehensive carbon tracking and reporting features tailored to the needs of large-scale operations


School: Catering to educational institutions, the school account provides resources and tools to engage students in environmental sustainability initiatives while managing the institution's carbon footprint.


Trial Version: Available to all users, the trial version offers a limited-duration access of 6 months, allowing individuals and small businesses to explore the features of our carbon calculator platform.

Registration Process:

To access our carbon inventory services, users are required to register on our website. Please fill out the following information:

(After checking your information we will provide you username and password to access carbon calculator platform through email you provided)

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